Morning Fuzz - "Chasing Ghosts" Digipack CD (2013)

Image of Morning Fuzz - "Chasing Ghosts" Digipack CD (2013)


For those of you who still like physical copies of your music, we got you covered! Enjoy Morning Fuzz's debut album "Chasing Ghosts" on CD the way it should be cranked up and heard!

Album info:
Released June 25, 2013

All songs written by Frank Fussa (BMI) and Morning Fuzz
Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Barrett Jones
Recorded at Laundry Room Studio in Seattle, WA
Mastered by Emily Lazar at The Lodge in NYC.
Additional guitar and overdubs played by Barrett Jones.
Cover photo by Nick Gerbano
Band photo by Mindy Zieselman and Luke Westhoff
CD Design by Jesse Steffen

Morning Fuzz is:
Frank Fussa: vocals, guitar
Christopher Johanidesz: bass, vocals
Michael W. Cullari: guitar, vocals
Marco Sulis: Drums